Disclaimer for the website you're about to enter. Text reads'This website may contain material that parents may not find suitable for internet users under the age of 15'. The bottom right corner of the image contains a sketch of a crow wearing a tengu hat with a speech bubble that reads 'I am a crow' in French.


This website is mostly intented for older teens and young adults. There may be references and depictions of disturbing, uncomfortable, violent, and/or mature subject matter that can be off-putting to those unprepared for it. There are also several areas on the site with flashing lights, bright colors, and disorienting effects that affect those with certain conditions. If for any reason you need to leave this site, feel free to do so. I won't stop you....

Still want to enter the lair of the Crow Artist, despite the potential dangers? Don't worry, I'll warn you if there's anything that needs a content warning or if it's something meant for ages 18 and up.

I understand.
I've changed my mind, take me back!